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24 hr with Noctis Editor Leoni Blue


As Noctis Magazine’s Editor, my day can get pretty manic! No two days are the same, however today is an especially exciting time!

7.30 – Wake up, make coffees and make breakfast

8.00 – Shower and do last minute packing

9.00 -Quick stop at the post office, posting some copies of Noctis and some model release forms

9.15 – Taxi to the airport. In the car I chat to Jodie (our Features Editor) and my everything. We chat about bits we need to haven’t finished for the redesign of the website and last min bits for the up and coming issue.

11 – Arrive at Gatwick check in, go for a seat in the lounge near a plug and start hot spotting the internet off my phone as here’s is too slow.

12 – Go through last min emails, go through with a fine tooth comb last bits of new web design. There is always something I may miss, so I message Jodie asking her to take a last look over. I write my list of adjustments, but knowing Jodie she will pick up on bits I wouldn’t see

2.15 – Board flight, going on a road trip for my birthday with my boyfriend, who I feel sorry for as the last three hours I have been glued to my laptop.

Start to get in the holiday mood get a drink, and start thinking about fashion week…

3.00 – start jotting down notes to send to fashion week team for when I arrive. Have bought a 3 mobile sim so can use my phone like normal when I arrive.

6.00pm – Local time arrival. I go to pick up the car and drive to our apartment. First thing I do (even though I’m a little jet lagged) is look through the first draft sent by our graphics girl, Megan. She’s amazing and works so hard and knows our style to a tee, so I know I can trust her to visually bring the new issue to life.

I send my feedback to Megan and Jodie, as Jodie is taking over from me for a few weeks, so I can take a much needed break.

7.00 – I Get dressed and go to dinner, still a bit sleepy from the plane but happy to know it’s in great hands. So now I can relax and wait for the second draft…



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