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24 hrs with Illustrator Charlotte Farmer


5.55am  – My alarm goes off (it goes off earlier if I’m going swimming as I like to be out of the pool before the woman with the wonky kick gets in around 7ish). Once the alarm has been stopped it’s off to the kitchen where my cat Margo is waiting, demanding her breakfast. After that  I get ready for either early morning bootcamp or running – I like to do something first thing to make sure that I do leave the house at some point.


6.40ish am –  get back from my sporting activity. Now it’s time for coffee. One of my favourite parts of the day (maybe I’m peaking too soon?) is sitting outside drinking coffee, reading and watching Margo watching birds. Then shower, get dressed (important when you work from him fit can be tempting to stay in pyjamas all day – I learnt early on in my freelance career that this is definitely not a good idea). 


Somehow loads of time seems to fly by at this point, I blame Instagram… then it’s time to start work at about…


8.45ish – After making the first of many cups of tea I start by checking emails – usually with my fingers crossed that one of them will be an exciting new commission but usually it’s just people trying to make me buy stuff…this email checking with fingers crossed/will it be a commission? happens at various intervals throughout the day. 


Everything I do starts with drawing – whether it’s making stencils for screen prints or working on commissions, I use carbon paper to get a more interesting line quality and also there’s an element of surprise when you lift up the top bit of paper – always a good thing. Once I’m happy with the drawing  I scan them in to my computer – I’ve probably had to remove Margo from my laptop to get this process going.


This is the point where I have to say that there’s not much variation in my day until about 7.30pm when my boyfriend gets back from work…..


So it’s drawing, Margo meowing and jumping on my back, drawing, email checking, making tea, postman delivers a few letters, parcels and catalogues I can’t remember wanting and Margo runs to the window to check who it is, making more tea, drawing, scanning, Margo jumping on my laptop, me feeding her in a bid to get her off – she has a  really irritating knack of putting the voice over on , drawing, looking at Instagram, using Photoshop to compose images – one of my favourite bits of the job, getting distracted by Pinterest, stroking Margo until she drools a little bit (love it) etc repeat etc. Some variations can include wrapping up Etsy orders and going to the post office or meeting friends for coffee – which means I actually get to speak to someone other than Margo.


This all happens to the soundtrack of either music or an audiobook; I’m rubbish at working without background noise.


This year I’ve been really busy working on books so my screen printing has gone on the back burner a bit but the alternative version of my day is: get up really early, catch the train to Bristol, get coffee, walk to the print studio and screen print all day until it’s time to come home!


7.30 Stop work or carry on for a bit depending on deadlines, put something in the oven – or the toaster, TV, reading then bed!


What can I say, it’s a roller coaster… I love what I do, I don’t think I could work for anyone else!



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