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On yer bike!

Different spokes for different folks.

light sculpture 

Here at Old Tat, we’re pretty familiar with the idea of upcycling; turning something seriously tatty into something gorgeously tatty. But artist and sculptor Joe Goldstein of Bespoke Spokes has stepped the concept of upcycling up a gear, and we’re loving it.


Freewheeling his love for restoring old bikes into an art form, the London-based artist creates anything from tea lights to desk lamps from recycled parts.

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Thursday, Friday and Caturday

Here at Old Tat we are still obsessing over cats. Leigh Jennings from Intwosandthrees talks about her controversial embroidery projects and how cats always have her in stitches…


Hi Leigh, introduce yourself to our Tatties!

Hello! I’m Leigh, I run Intwosandthrees which is home to embroidered goods and illustrations. Intwosandthrees is now infamously known for a ‘home is where them fuckers ain’t’ embroidery, along with other topical and mature embroidered pieces, oh, and cats.

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Hat &and Mask Klaudija Vektere

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BTS Willow Pattern Set Design

Following my previous post which reveals what originally inspired my Willow Pattern frenzy, I want to take you behind the scenes and show you all the work that went into creating such elaborate sets.

Willow Pattern has been a huge part of my growing up due to my amazing grandma having a huge collection and enforcing it on everyone who visits her for tea, so really I have her to thank for this concept. Here is an image taken by my, originally published in Betty Magazine, featuring my grandma with some of her collection. I also have my grandparents to thank for majorly helping me with the set itself, getting involved in all aspects. Check out some images of them at work.

After building this set WP is officially imprinted in my brain forever!


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Artist Becky Paton has captured the regality of Tudor fashion in a patriotic mosaic depiction of Queen Elizabeth 1st. Noting Lizzy as ‘The Queen of Bling’, the portrait glitters in royal blues and golds. Yet looking closer, the piece is in fact embellished with recycled and found debris; as Becky sources such as plumbers’ washers, fossils, shells, old buttons and even shards of broken car windows to create her pieces. Think of it as a ‘magpie’ sensibility.


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BTS of Broken Willow

I originally got struck by this idea when I visited Pol Hill Garden Centre. The Japanese garden statues inspired me so much and all I wanted to do was buy every single one and paper mache them at home, building an elaborate Japanese inspired set. Alas, they were horrendously expensive.

11541930_10204702063699996_2534684860607454079_n  11665575_10204702061499941_8636564922540256835_n (1) 11666180_10204702058779873_982387576627677584_n

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