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24 hrs with Anne- Sophie Cochevelou

Anne-Sophie is a costume fashion and jewellery designer. She is also a live artist based in East London who has graduated from Central Saint Martins. She tells us she works freelance and hates routine. For her, every day is a new dawn, and she never knows what tomorrow will be made of. Much of her time is spent alone frantically stitching in her pajamas without seeing the daylight. Other days are far more exciting!


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24 hrs with Yan Skates

Yan Skates is a bespoke flower designer who we discovered (and quickly  became obsessed with) after our issue 02 covershoot. It is a realy pleasure to get a glimpse into his hectic life, which he spends juggling weddings, venue flower dressing and editorials.


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24Hrs with Kitty Cowell

I’m Kitty Cowell, a Fashion Stylist and Blogger. I’m either in front or behind the camera on a shoot, emailing, blogging, collecting and returning clothes, having meetings or in my spare time; baking or running / working out. On a shoot day where I’m styling my day is something like this:
cutris x kitty camo pack (1)

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24Hrs With Lally MacBeth

My name is Lally MacBeth. I’m an artist and writer. I run a blog called Lady MacBeth that explores fashion, history, art and everything inbetween. I work from my home in Cornwall. I moved here after graduating from Central Saint Martins two years ago. Cornwall offers a brilliantly calm and serene place to work. I am currently writing my first cookbook and making work for a Tea Festival held at Gyllyngdune Gardens in September.


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24 hours with Miista

Laura Villasenin is the founder of quirky footwear brand Miista, based in Hackney, London. Old Tat follows Laura for a day to see what goes into being the boss. She informs us that every day is different and that had we asked for a typical day in September, she would be at the factories all day, working out samples and exploring materials, as September is designing month. In fact every month and every day is different for Laura, but if she had to pinpoint the constants in her day to day schedule, this would be it!


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