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24 hrs with Anne- Sophie Cochevelou

Anne-Sophie is a costume fashion and jewellery designer. She is also a live artist based in East London who has graduated from Central Saint Martins. She tells us she works freelance and hates routine. For her, every day is a new dawn, and she never knows what tomorrow will be made of. Much of her time is spent alone frantically stitching in her pajamas without seeing the daylight. Other days are far more exciting!


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24 hrs with a Vintage Seller, Madam Popoff Vintage

I’m Deborah, and I have been selling vintage for ten years now. I had my son in 1998 and due to being a single parent and having no money, yet having a passion for fashion – I attended local jumble sales to get not only my son’s clothes but also for my own fashion fix, be it vintage or modern.
After a few years I realised that I had accumulated a vast collection of vintage that I had bought just because I loved it (even if it didn’t fit!). Then a friend suggested I stick some on an online auction site. So I listed a pair of vintage Levis 201s that I paid 30p for.. I got £50 in return! This helped start Madam Popoff Vintage
After seven years of online trading I had moved to the Kent coast. One day I came across a lovely shop in the Old Town area of Margate where I met a sweet girl who needed someone to sublet the shop. I pondered for a split second and decided to go for it and voilà! 3 years later – Madam Popoff Vintage is still trading in Margate!
I love all clothes, I really do! I love the way a girl can make a statement without opening her mouth! I love the way clothes can tell the people around you who you are, and the way they can tell an outrageous lie. I love the way clothes can disguise the worst in us, and also bring out the best.
I love to juxtaposition items together, things that on paper would not go together, yet strangely work when thrown on. I like to mix decades, styles, fabrics, party dresses with brogues, trashy jumpsuits with glam faux fur capes etc. I’m also lucky to be based by the sea so I take advantage of this by shooting a lot of our photos with our wonderful seaside town of Margate as the backdrop.



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24hrs with Old Tat Editor Loo Loo Rose


Ever wondered what we get up to behind the scenes of Old Tat?! Here is an exclusive 24 hours with… the Editor in Chief!

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For the Old Tat event I went for a simple little black cocktail dress with netting over the cleavage area. I jazzed up my look with some amazing bright orange Molly Trubody pompom earrings. Strangers kept touching them and telling me they liked my balls. It was a hoot. I also wore bare legs and killer nude heels which literally were killer, but so worth it. My main accessory was my neon orange witch nails which are fast becoming my signature look after I tried out the bright colour for my birthday. I’m obsessed!


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24 hours with photographer Josh Caudwell

Josh Caudwell is a still life photographer based in London. He shoots high-end luxury goods, pairing them with creative concepts to dramatic effect. He has a background in graphic design and this has influenced his clean and effective style. Old Tat spends 24 hours in the life of Josh! 

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